Saturday, May 31, 2008

Set a Guinness World Record

I was surfing the net while i stumbled across an interesting article. Firefox is going to set a Guinness World Record. But How? It's easy! We only have to download the latest version of Firefox on a specified day. We have to download Firefox 3 and it will be the most downloaded software in 24 hrs where we will also be a part of it.

Awesome eh? If you wanna be a part of it, just VISIT HERE and click PLEDGE NOW and that's it. They will mail you when the official date is confirmed. This is a chance for us to do something great by sitting in our room or office and be proud of it ;) so go and pledge soon.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Night Out!

May 19 and 20 is the Vesak day here in Sri Lanka. Sometimes informally called "Buddha's birthday", it actually encompasses the birth, enlightenment, and passing of Buddha. The exact date of Vesak varies according to the various lunar calendars used in different traditions. The full moon of the month of May is marked as the Vesak day in Sri Lanka. The date varies from year to year in the Western Gregorian calendar but falls in April or May. On this day, the streets and the houses are nicely decorated with lanterns hung and colorful lights.

These lights signify the light of the buddha. The lanterns are really nice with different colors. Also there are electrically lit pandols called toranas erected in various locations in Colombo and elsewhere. We planned to go to see the vesak day before yesterday. But coz our friend three wheel driver was busy with some of his work, we couldn't go that day. So again last night we managed to hire him for the night to go for a drive to see the city with the lights. We left home around 9:30 and went to a road where both sides of the roads were full of vesak lanterns of different colors and sizes. Some were made out of paper, some with dried leaves and coconuts. They were really nice. So many people were gathered into the area to see the Vesak Koodu (lanterns).

This is a big festival day for the buddhists. Food stalls set up by Buddhist devotees called dansalas provide free food and drinks to passersby. Some serve people with biriyani, ice cream, coffee and etc... Enjoy a good dinner from one stall and you can head to the next stall to get a free ice cream, or a coffee if you'd like stay awake long (just kiddin) or a faluda to refresh yourself. So many people wait in a que for their chance to get the free food. Funny thing is, we get to buy an ice-cream for Rs.10, but people wait in long ques to get a free ice-cream. Yeah! it's always good to make good use of the opportunity. Good thing is, if you want more, you can hit the que to get one again.

We drove to another spot to see a toran (It's a pandol decorated with lights and drawings showing the life story of buddha). This place was in Dematagoda. It was big and nice, but nothing much to see. So next we headed to Slave Island where there were so many lanterns. The place was very crowded. We looked the place around and headed home at around 12:45 am. I think this day is the first day in history that i came to home this late here in Sri Lanka. Anyway, I had a great night out!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My 13th Portrait!

After a long break, here is another portrait by me. I started drawing this 3 months back. I was busy with some other work and had no time to finish it. There is another drawing which I started before this one, still it's not finished. Will finish that one soon and post it too. This is one of the members in EK, did it on his request.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Only Time

Who can say where the road goes, where the day flows? Only time.
And who can say if your love grows, as your heart chose? Only time.

Who can say why your heart sighs, as your love flies? Only time.
And who can say why your heart cries, when your love lies? Only time.

Who can say when the roads meet, that love might be in your heart?
And who can say when the day sleeps if the night keeps all your heart?
Night keeps all your heart.

Who can say if your love grows as your heart chose? Only time.
And who can say where the road goes, where the day flows? Only time.
Who knows? Only time. Who knows? Only time.

* This is the song in the lyrics of the song in the video of my last post. It's a nice song

Sunday, May 18, 2008

21 December 2012

One day, while i was just surfing, i stumbled across a site which says, 2012 Group. This site has a countdown to December 21 2012 midnight. I was wondering what it is and just went through the article under the topic "Who Is The 2012 Group? And What’s The Big Deal About 2012, Anyway?" and found something interestingly shocking and surprising.

As it says, the ancient mayan calendar ends in 21 December 2012 and we will experience a major shift in our concousness. Some says it's the end of the world while others think it's a beginning of a new world. Some beleive inanimate objects will come to life, including stones, and that our animals will speak to us, to prove God’s dominion on earth.

Nobody actually knows what will happen on this day, but as the scientists predicts, something is going to happen on this day! If it's true, we have only 4 years to see what happens on this day! Let's see! In the mean time, lets not forget this life of ours is vway too short, so make good use of it.

One source says that 21 December 2012 is the most discussed topic in YouTube, so check out the video too...